Pilgrimage to Mylander's Inn...this was a long walk!

Posted by TeiwazNuin on September 09, 1996 at 18:21:48:

Ah, you are back good. Did you enjoy yourself
in the forest? What? Well, of course there are
bugs. They are sort of an outdoor kind of thing,
you know. Yes, they can bite pretty hard depending
on the bug. Now, dragonflies are not so bad they
just sort of pass by with a blaze and then go on.
Speaking of dragons, well I was sort of, anyway,
as I was nearing Mylander's I encountered this
dragon. No he wasn't a fly, he wasn't even flying,
just sort sitting there in the forest. Was I scared?
No, not really. I don't even no the meaning of scared.
Hmmm? Of course, I know the meaning of the word
but it wasn't with me at the moment. Besides the
guidebook said that there was nothing to fear at
Mylander's Inn just a lot of interesting things happen,
so I figured the dragon was just one of those points of
Before I could continue, I heard a rather nice voice in
my head, "Greetings, young traveler."
That was kind of a shock to have a voice in my head
that wasn't my own and it sounded a lot prettier then
my own voice. For a brief second I thought I had lost
my marbles but there did not seem to be any on the
ground so that wasn't the case.
Then the voice spoke again, "I see that you are on your
way to Mylander's Inn. A pleasant place now that the
Nor King and his army has been defeated."
Nor King and army?! That wasn't in the travel book.
I really must tell the writers they need to do some
better research.
Finally I found my voice. It was apparently hiding
somewhere with my spit because my mouth was quite
dry. "Excuse but who are you and why does my brain
hear and not my ears? I mean my ears are the device
that picks up sound. My brain just explains what my
ears have heard." I was shocked by the high pitch of
my own voice for that was not natural but I figured it
was due to the lack of moisture in my mouth.
"I am, MannazUruz and I speak to your mind because
your ears would not be able to translate my words to
your brain," the voice replied softly, like a slight
breeze, it kind of tickled. I wasn't aware that the brain
itself could have such a sensation.
I admit, my ears and brain do not always work well
together. I've been accused of not always hearing what
someone is saying, even though it sounded perfectly
clear to me, when I hear them speaking. Yet, for a total
stranger to say that to me even before getting to know
me seemed rather presumptuous on his part.
"Well," I said taking a deep breath, for I found I had not
been doing that breathing stuff very well the last few
minutes. "I would rather make that judgment myself."
"Have it your way," the voice said with a chuckle. I
could feel that chuckle all the way down to my toes.
That almost got me giggling but before I could even
get out a gig, I heard a mighty roar and a loud couple of,
well not squawks, but something like that, come from
the sitting dragon. I could feel my eyes bug out but I
grabbed them before they could fly to far and I put them
back in once my hands had quit trembling. Naw, that
wasn't being scared, just an automatic reflex action, you
know, like when the doctor taps your knee lightly and it
pops up, just a reflex to being surprised.
Anyway, once I was able to pull myself back together,
it seems that my eyes were not only things startled but
my jaw had dropped to the ground and my knees had
buckled, MannazUruz and I had quite a nice conversation.
He told me all about the Nor King and his attempt to seize
the lands surrounding the Inn and how those staying there
at the time stopped him. MannazUruz , himself had been
summon by a friend to watch over the place and he was
still there enjoying the peace and quiet. It seems that
in his villiage some young knight was constantly trying
to pick a fight with him, just because a fair young damsel
had come a visiting and she did not want to leave his lair.
Mannazuruz tried to explain the young knight that the
young damsel was not in distress, in fact her tresses
were in fine repair, and that she wanted to stay because
she enjoyed the diamond collection that he had gathered
together, but the man just kept shouting, "Free the her,
you varlet." The young knight just did not seem to
understand that diamonds are a girls best friend and
there was just no way damsel could leave her new
best friends. When I asked him why he did not just
kick the damsel out since she was really the fault
of all this unrest, he said, "I really enjoy her company.
Not only does she keeps the gems sparkling but she is a
gormet cook and she has such a wonderful way with gore.
We also have diverse discussions. Her parents, whom
she is visiting at this time prefer her to be in my care
then the young knight's care."
Apparently the young knight had not made a good name
for himself in the villiage. No, I do not remember his
name but it wasn't very pleasant. Sounded like something
you spread over the garden to make it grow. Anyway, the
damsel wanted nothing to do with him and after hearing
about him I agreed with her decision completely. MannazUruz
was the better choice by far, and so he waited in the forest
until her call to pick her up. We had a grand time sharing
stories but it was getting towards dark and I did not want
to camp out again. What? Yes, I know the bugs are worse
at night and the ground is not comfortable to sleep on.
That is why I said goodbye, to MannazUruz, and made quickly
to the Inn. I wanted to sleep in a nice warm bed after
traveling so far.