Dragon rider

Posted by Titus on September 11, 1996 at 12:56:34:

I found her late at night,sitting alone at a table at
the local inn.When I seated myself across from her she
started talking.She told me she was a Dragon rider.
She came from the mountains in the north,where her family
had tamed dragons for generations.She had never hesitated
to join the army to serve among the glorious Dragon riders,
to help defend her family and friends.But they were a
long way from home now,and most of her friends were dead.
She talked about the horrors she had seen during these
five years that the war had lasted.And you only had to
take one look at her eyes to know that she was telling
the truth.They looked almost dead,as if they didn't want
any part of this life.If they could have turned themself
blind I think they would have done it gladly.
She told me about how the Dragon riders had been the
heroes of the army at the beginning of the war against
the southerners,who of course didn't have any dragons
of their own,but still they had suffered great losses,
and now they were only half a dozen left.
She told me about the nightmares she had every night,
where it seemed as if all the people she had killed during
the war came back,not to kill her,but to ask her:Why?
And the answers she had never seemed to satisfy them.
It didn't help to know that they had tried to kill her,
she still thought that there ought to be some other

She never asked me any questions.She hardly looked at me.
She just kept on talking,about her life,her dragon and
how she hoped that it soon would end.
When she rose and left I had almost forgotten why I was
there,but I followed her out and when she passed a dark
alley I jumped on her,and pulled her into the shadows.
"I'm sorry",I said as I pulled out my knife.
And even if she struggeled I want to think that,when she
heared my southern accent and she knew what was coming,
she was glad that,for her at least,it was finally over.