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Please note I’ve taken artistic license on what
historical information I could find. One reason I wrote
this is that I could hardly find anything about her! She
is so lost in antiquity she is legend. I know there are
different versions of what happened. I just picked one.
If you have any information about her(except point by
point battle descriptions, “yawn”) I’d like to hear it.
Go ahead and point out any blatant inconsistencies.
I’d like to find out anything not mentioned in the “blurp”

Glimpses of a legend

The Romans gathered all of her people around
her to see her shame. She can’t remember when this
beating had started. It feels like she has been in pain
forever. Blood runs down her brow and over her cheeks
like tears. If only she had any real ones to shed, she
would lament for this torment.
A fist comes this time, to the ear; dizziness,
deafness, the world spins, more pain. The numb ear
can still hear the screams of her teen-aged daughters.
They were not playthings or whores. They were
warriors like their Mother. The Soldiers knew better
to take precautions when they raped them. The pair
would have unmanned the lot if given half a chance.
“Prasutagus.” She whispers, half aware of
where she is.
Her husband cannot answer. No man, not
even a king can speak from the grave.
Her torturer delivers another blow. A vicious
foot slams into her gut. The Queen curls up into a fetal
position despite her wishes to stay strong. That show
is long gone. Uncontrollable retching produces slimy
The Centurion announces in a loud voice:
”Iceni people, look ! This is what we’ll do to you if you
defy your Emperor Claudius. The King is dead.
Learn to accept it and there will be peace again.”
Her anguish has overwhelmed her. The Roman
slaps her face to get her back into the present.
“Any more complaints on the passage of rule
will be dealt with swiftly and strictly.” he tells her,
“Praise Your Emperor for being merciful to you this time,
Boadicea.” He sneers.
The Warrior Queen gave him no answer other
than the silent promise never to let this happen again.

* * * * *
The horde hits London like a swarm of locusts.
Every Roman found in the city is dragged out of their
home and slaughtered. The temples are sacked and torched.
Boadicea rides forward, leading the way. Her daughters
are beside her, enjoying their revenge the Romans deserve.
It goes on. Temples, homes, places the Romans
cherished are destroyed. The name ‘Boadicea’ sends
shivers down Latin spines. They had come to take Britain,
and make her theirs. They found she had teeth.
* * * * *
Mancetter is the Queens’ downfall.
She leads her people into battle on her chariot,
her daughters by her side. The Iceni outnumber the Romans.
There are good hopes for the outcome.
Claudius has had enough of this barbaric upstart
and her revolt. He means to crush her and her kind. The
school of war used by General Suetonius Paulinus wipes
out Boadicea’s people. The discipline of the Roman soldiers
overwhelms the courage and righteous anger of the Celts.
The Romans are ruthless. Children lay dead with
their parents.
The royal mother finds that both of her daughters
are slain. The Roman forces will have her soon. She has
made herself a vow she must keep.
Boadicea’s wise druid councilors give her what
she asks of them. She cannot be taken by these invaders
and made an example of.
When the Centurions find her body, they see
she has left it behind. A bit of poison has transformed
her fighting sprit into a power that lifts the hearts of all
her people. It takes about 500 years more before she
makes the Romans leave her land alone. In that time
she lived on in the collective Celtic soul as Boadicea
the Warrior Queen and martyr.

The end--- but not for Boadicea. Lips still mouth her name
in awe over a thousand years after her death.
I would like particularly information on what she did
in-between when her husband died and she did. She
couldn’t have just sacked London and died. WHAT
ELSE DID SHE DO? There was a deal between her
husband and Claudius, that the Emperor broke. What
was the original deal? I know it dealt with who got
the kingdom, and Boadicea's kids didn't, and she was
plently angry. Did she have anymore than the two
daughters? I feeling she did, but again, can't find the