Pilgrimage, Inn doors open

Posted by TeiwazNuin on September 17, 1996 at 16:41:08:

The lights from the Inn beckoned all weary travelers
to enter and make themselves at home. To enjoy the
firelight, the songs, the stories and the fine food and
drink. It was a mecca for all. Well, that is what the
Travel book said, word for word. Well, I was slightly
disapointed when the light did not call out to me but
I figured it was tired, for I could hear a lot of voices
inside. As I drew closer, having my pencil with me,
to make a straight line, which actually I am not very
good at. To be honest I tend to go outside the line but
I still get where I am going. What? Oh yes, as I was
saying as I neared the Inn I saw this rather strange
looking horse. I am not even sure I could call it a horse.
I mean it had rainbow colored wings that glimmered in
the moonlight. Yet, the body was of a horse of that I am
sure of because I have seen quite a few horses in my day.
Now you would think that if it had rainbow colored wings
it would have fun colors on it's hide, you know the horse
of a different color but nooo this one was pure black.
Oh I am sure it had not an evil bone in it's body though
it's hooves were claws, which gave me puase. This
was indeed a strange horse. Then I heard a neigh come
from it. Hmmm? No it wasn't telling me no! Neigh like
in nickers. No it wasn't wearing any pants that I saw.
Besides what would a horse do with pants? Dog's pant
not horses. Anyway I assumed it was welcoming me and
I said
"Greetings!" It seemed the polite thing to do.
"Greetings to you." It had a fine tenor voice at least
that is what my mind picked up. Oh yes, it spoke to my
mind instead of my ears. This did not bother me as it
was like an old hat for me by now.
Oh, you know, a comfortable piece of apparel you wear
on your head to keep your brain warm, I perfer old hats
to new ones because they just fit better.
"You must be MannazUruz's friend Beaquon, that he told
me about," I replied.
"And you are the traveler he told me was coming this
way." Boy, I could get to like this mind speak. It caused
wonderful sensations that i never knew I could have.
"But I just left him." And I had. It was not that far from
where he was, to where I was at that point. I would have
seen him going to the Inn.
"He spoke to my mind as I am doing with you. He and I
share bloodlines so it does not matter the distance, we
can communicate easily."
Well that must be nice, I thought. I have enough trouble
with some of the magical devices at home that are suppose
to keep me in touch, with friends and family. Just a little
mother earth magic like rain or lightening and the silly
things chicken out and refuse to work. First they cock a
doodle do, then they cluck and then they just lay an egg
until mother earth is done with her magic. It is a good
thing I am patient or I would have plucked those devices
a long time ago and thrown out of the house.
"So," I ask. "Is everything calm here?"
"Yes, for now>"
"What do you mean?" I was beginning to wonder if the
writers of that travel guide had ever really been here.
"Well, the Red Mage is calling people to fight a dragon."
"Not MannazUruz?!" Oh, I would not like that one bit.
"No some dragon up in the northern lands, but my
companion TeiwazNuin is uncertain of this campaign."
"Ah, understandable. It is so difficult these days to
know who to believe during a campaign. You hear so
many different versions. You never know who to
distrust the least."
"The Red Mage is still looking for people to join but I
do think they will be moving out tomorrow. His Secret
King seems to be impatient, though it has taken them
over two hundred years to get going on this adventure.
There is also someone called the Keeper of the Bloodstone
trying to convince people against this campaign. Saying
it is not a true honorable camaign but the Red mage keeps
berating the this Keeper. The two go back and forth.
It is an interesting debate but difficult to see who
is correct. They both seem to have convincing arguements
for each of their sides."
Beaquon's statement set me to giggling. Not that the
subject of the campaign was funny, though watching
people side-step issues and speak out of the side of
their mouths can be interesting, it was that, well it
tickled. I am not by nature a ticklish person in an
sense of the word but boy I had a hard time not giggling.
Once I was able to get a hold of myself, which was not
as easy as it sounds, since my arms are attached to me
body and well you get the point, I asked Beaquon, "Is
it required that those staying at the Inn go on this
"No, it is not required. Bab Lyn Brooke is definitely
not going. She does not like the cold and to her an
adventure is shopping during the day after Thanksgiving
sales. I am sure there are others not going as well but
you would need to check inside. I only know about Bab
because she is a friend of my companion TeiwazNuin."
I gave up trying to keep my giggling in check, I had
always been a lousy chess player anyway. Giggling
out the words, "I thank you for your time but the air
is chilly and I am tired so, I must bid you good night.
Oh, and thank you for the information."
"Your welcome," he said as I opened the doors.

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