Pilgrimage, Dylan is met.

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Entering the Inn, I was hit with a plethora of
sight, sound and smell. No, it did not hurt but
having three out of five of my senses inundated
like that did stagger me for a moment. Once I
reeled myself back into line I found my way to
the front desk. There was a pleasant looking
man in back of the front desk, so I guess it was
the front for me and the back desk for him. He
had a rather friendly smile, which is better then
a fiendly smile.
"Welcome to Mylander's Inn! A place to rest
yourself after weary travels. It is not a place
of ornate beauty but a place of stories."
Just like the travel guide said. I smiled in
return. It is always good to return a smile,
because someone else might have need for it.
"Do you have any rooms?"
"Several. Being an Inn and such it would not
be good business to not have any rooms."
I could not argue with that, "I would like a
room then."
"Well, you seem like a really nice person and
all but I do not think the management would let
me give them away. I am sure we charge for
someone to stay in a room. I could check with
Nathan but I am pretty sure that is how it has
to be."
I stared at the man in back of the front desk for
a moment, then I took out my guide book and read
a quote the writer had received from Nathan Morton,
"Hello! One of the things that irresistibly draw
me into the wonders of a place that I would
like to call home, is a cozy little Inn called
Mylanders. I could go on and on, but it is
Mylanders where I can stop and rest, catch
the latest news and relate my travels. It's
a place of stories, of friendship, of heartache
and all other things that come with a place of
that nature. With its stone fireplace, wooden
timbers, good food, comfortable chairs, and
wonderful people, it's a place I like to visit often.."
I put the book back in my pack and explained. "Right
here, it says home. Now I do not have to pay for a room
in my own home. There is also no mention what so ever
in the travel guide about fees or the like and this is a very
well done book. Number one in the travel guide listings.
It would have mentioned charges. All it says is to leave
a story and everyone would be happy."
The young one blinked at me several times and I thought
he must have a twitch of some kind but then I realized
he was getting a vacant look. Now for the purposes of
staying somewhere a vacant sign is good but in this case
it wasn't. Vacant was flashing bright and clear in his
eyes and I was unsure what to do. Then a man, who I
could not guess the age of walked out of a door, that
had looked like a wood panel to me and came over to
us. He must have seen the vacant sign flashing out
of the young man's eyes.
"Is there a probable?"
"No, well ah, yes, well ah, I do not know Mr. Mylander.?"
The young man responded.
This must be Dylan Mylander, the owner of the Inn. I
can be so perceptive that I even amaze myself sometimes.
"Ah a weary traveler, come in I have just the room for
you. It is on the third floor and over looks the crystal
blue lake where many gather to share stories by the fire.
All that is asked for exchange of the room is a story,
good conversation or anything that pleases you."
He spoke with an welcoming style, that was cozy and
I could feel the weariness leave my muscles. He took
my bag from my hand and lead me away.
"The young man in back of the front desk," he began as
we walked towards the stairs. "Is recently employed.
He use to work for a hotel that charged a lot of money
for a boring room and it had a lot of chains., that kept
it linked to financial success. Yet, another hotel
grabbed a hold of the chains and yanked them, breaking
the link and the man was out of a job. He is slowly
learning but it is hard to break the chains from his
I nodded understanding. Breaking a chain of thought
is not always easy unless you really do not want to
lose the thought then the link seems weaker. It is all
very perplexing.
Up the stairs we went and up the stair ways we went
and finally we reached the third floor. Thankfully my
room next to the stairs on the right side. I was glad
it wasn't on the wrong side, though I must admit I do
not think there could be a wrong side to Mylander's Inn.
Dylan opened the door for me and handed me a brass key.
Yes, I would say it seemed to have a high opinion of it's
self as it gleamed in my hand but it did not get to brassy.
"Make yourself at home and just remember, if it doesn't
have a name on it and you can carry it, its yours. Other
wise the owner will be back to get it someday". Dylan
Mylander remarked to me as he closed the door.
Hmmm, oh yes a nice fellow. No unfortunately I did
not see him a great deal of the time but when I went to
the village near the place I did hear some gossip about
him but that is another story that I am not going to go
into. I mean it really isn't my story to tell and besides
I do not abide by gossip. All I can say is that he did
present a rather mysterious character because he was
seldom seen but always there. Nathan Morton, he was
more visible but now I am getting ahead of myself and
I do not like to have my head anywhere but attached to
my body.

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