A terrible title for a poem...

Posted by Niamh on August 13, 1996 at 01:09:51:

This is called "The 2nd Expedition to Huwanfe'lla" for
want of a better...

Wind and wave and fish's sleep,
And sky; a ship upon the deep.
A tribute to the endless sea
The skies are singing emptily
Grey upon grey - endless and empty.

Sea and sky and crashing wave
Beneath the rock is the sailor's grave
Where many a ship has met her death
The lonely ship of the wind's cruel breath
Goes sailing safely by.

Sailing over the barren shore
Where no man's foot by sail or oar
Has ever trod the dying ground
Where the wind's cold song is the only sound
And black rock girds the isle around.

There came a ship where there was none before
And Elven foot trod the empty shore
And Elven eye swept the winds domain
Where it alone had long held reign
And nothing lived.

There a great black tower held evil sway
That once was fair on a long ago day.
Where dark death ruled Elves entered in,
Brave Erell and fairest Brynn,
With host of Elf-lords following.

And battled they there the death-dark lord
And fought his slaves with word and sword
Many Elves found death in that place
Till Erell and Brynn were alone left to face
The terrible king.

Long and hard was the battle fought
At a terrible price was the victory bought,
For though at last the dark lord fell,
He took to his death brave Erell
And Brynn gave her life to the sea.

The crashing waves are alone once more
And forgetful is the empty shore
Black beneath the grey sea-sky
Rocks where Elves once trod still lie
And forget the Elven feet.

The wind sails on beneath skies of grey
And has no memory of that day
Lost to the sight of sky and wave
fair Brynn lies dead in a sailor's grave
And Erell is gone.

Sea and sky - empty forever
Endless grey and wild weather
Will it always be the same -
Still sea and sky the wind's domain -
When Elven ships come once again?