Tarry at Mylander's Inn

Posted by TeiwazNuin on September 25, 1996 at 10:38:19:

There you have it my pilgrimage to Mylander's Inn.
What? Oh, you want more but I told you I would tell
you of my pilgrimage and that is only about the journey
to the place. If I continued on I would have to change
the title and that just wouldn't be right. What do you
mean it's not fair? It was quite a fair story, even if I
do say so myself. It told of a knight, the Siren, the
crossroads, a dragon, an equindragon and for a bonus I
threw in Dylan Mylander. All of those were part of my
pilgrimage and to go further would be going beyond the
journey of getting there. Hmmm, that is what you've
been waiting for? Well, you have been a good listener
and it does get more interesting. Oh, alright! I will
continue my story but you must now remember it is no
longer the pilgrimage to Myalnder's Inn, it is now the
tarry at Mylander's Inn. No, there wasn't any tar but
there did seem to be some sticky situations happening
there. Now let us begin my tarry at Mylander's Inn.
Once upon a midnight dreary, no not dearer. Now I lost
my train of thought, it chugged right past me. Let's see,
if I can get it back on the right track. Oh yes! Once upon
a midnight dreary, well actually, as I think about it, it
was a little earlier then that but the stars were out. I
pondered weak and weary, upon the menu that was in the
room because I hadn't had anything to eat since my mid-day
snack and I get pretty worn down if I do not eat on a regular
basis. There came a tapping on my chamber door. Well, that
is a sophisticated way of saying my room, so let me continue.
A visitor, I thought and I had not even unpacked my bag, so
I put the menu down with some regret as I heard my stomach
start to rumble, it was not pleased with my mind for forgetting
it and I went to open the door.
There before me was a tall man dressed in a red and black
outfit. He had a thin and worn face. It looked like he had
been wearing that face for years.
"I am the Red Mage,"
I could hear in his voice that he felt that this should impress
me. It was just echoing be impressed through every word he
"I heard that someone new had arrived at Mylander's Inn and
I thought I would see if you would care to join me."
"Well, you seem pretty well put together as it is and I do not
see that you are missing any parts unless you have them hidden
somewhere," I said offering a smile.
He stared at me and did not take my offer of a smile but instead
frowned. "What I mean, is that I have recruited many of the
people staying here to go on a quest to kill a dragon, who
is laying siege on the Northern lands. Would your care to
participate with us. There is gold and treasure to be had,
when all is done."
Before I could say a word, stomach growled loudly. It
didn't give a fig, though it may have wanted one right then
and there, about gold and treasure, it wanted food.
"Let me tell you the about the adventure over dinner," he
said with a slight smile.
"Well, I would rather eat dinner then stand on top of it,
if you do not mind," I replied.
The slight smile vanished quickly. A slight smile usually
does not have the strength of a whole smile so it tuckers
out pretty fast.
"Yes, of course," he said moving so I could leave the room.
We entered a very nice dining room filled with wooden
tables and chairs. In fact the whole place was decorated
in wood. There was quite a lot of people in the dining
room. My stomach growled as my nose told it about
some wonderful smells coming from the kitchen. It
wasn't really nice for my nose to tease my stomach, but
I thought pretty soon it would be soothed with some food.
As we sat down at an empty table a nice young woman
brought over some water and menus.
"Let me tell you about our specials," she began politely.
There is the Ragout Fin, which is poached sweet breads
with asparagus in a butter cream sauce. Then there is
Moules Mariniere, which is steamed mussels. The soup
is French Onion. Would care for anything from the bar?"
"I would enjoy a nice glass of Merlot," the Red Mage
"A Dark ale, please." I answered.
"Would the house ale be alright?" She asked.
"I will know that, when I have some, thank you."
She stood there for a second looking at me, and I was
about to ask again figuring she had not heard me but then
she quickly nodded and left.
I thought about the specials and decided against them.
Somehow, sweet bread for dinner did not appeal to me.
I had, had a nice big cinnamon roll for breakfast that
day and I just did not want something sweet for dinner.
I also did not care for eating angry muscles and to be
honest it did not sound very appetizing. Now, I have had
French onion soup before and once you get past the language
barrier, it is pretty good.
"Well, my friend, have you decided on what you would like?"
the Red Mage asked.
I didn't think I was his, but decided against correcting him
as he had a half smile and I thought it was because he felt
I was his friend. "The French Onion soup, sounds good and
I think I'll have the chicken a la king. I figure if a king
cooks it should have some royal touches to it.. What about
Boy, his half smile disappeared almost as quickly as his
slight smile. "I am going to have the sweet breads."
"You do not mind that they had to steal them first?" I
asked because it had bothered me a little.
"They did not steal them! It is the way they are cooked."
He snapped. Almost right in two and then I might have had
to join him but he was able to get himself together on his
own. "You have a unique way of seeing things."
I couldn't argue that, because I had heard that before but
to be honest I really did not think my vision was all that
different from anyone else. My eyes have been checked
and everything comes back normal, except for a little
stigmatism and myopia. Maybe that is what they mean,
oh anyway back to the story.