Tripping down the Tarry way

Posted by TeiwazNuin on September 30, 1996 at 16:42:09:

Colors of purplish red filled my room, from the
sun rising in the sky. I had forgotten to close the
window shade, so that I could sleep longer. As I
contemplated closing the shade I heard the sounds
of many voices echoing through the Inn. Then I
remembered what the Red Mage had said about
everyone getting an early start as it would be a
long trek to find the dragon. Though I was not
going I did so want to see those who were going on
this adventure. I hurried in my morning routine of
bathing, dressing and the like and made my way down
the stairs. having not had my usually cup of coffee to
clear my brain it was still slightly in a fog, it is
difficult to navigate in a fog, I stumbled into a young
man. He had blond hair that hung a little past his
shoulders. Though slender, I could tell he was filled
with sinewy muscle. What? Oh I am sure he had bones
as well but it was the muscles that caught my attention.
They just filled out his body. He was taller then me by
about 4 inches, so that made him at least six foot one,
if not a little taller. He was impressive and did not even
have to speak for me to know that, it just resounded off
of him, for his actions were past sounds.
"Oh," I began. "I am sorry. I hope I did not hurt you."
He looked down at me and laughed. Personally, I did not
intend to be funny but I was not going to stop him. My
mother did not raise me to be foolish.
"No, damage done. You are new here. Are you coming with
us, on this grand adventure? It should be good. We are going
to rid the world of a vile creature."
For a moment, but trust me it went quickly by, I thought
about saying yes. For this young man had such enthusiasm
for the adventure that it almost took me along, but I dodged
the grasp and replied, "No, though I do love travel, I just do
not feel that this is somewhere I care to go."
"Well, adventure is not for everyone and this could turn out
bad, but I love the idea. By the way, I am Kayin Loch, highland
swordsman of the MacThain clan an Omsohle highlander," his
voice was filled with pride. "This is, Cariburn Saber a
broadsword who's steel was reforged from excalibur, the
sacred sword." He held up the sword he spoke so lovingly
about so that I could see it. It did not look terribly wide to
me but it did look very sharp and deadly. "I am skillful is the
use of any rapier or two-edged fencing saber. I also like the
cross-hilted broadsword and estoc for a sturdier weapon,
but the Cariburn is the one I trust the most."
Now, I am not a judge of swords and half of what he describe
did not mean a thing to me but the Cariburn sword did sort of
have a trustworthy look to it. Well no not like a puppy dog or
a boyscout more like it would not let him down. No, I do not think
he used it to lean on. Just drop it and let me continue.
"I cannot stay to talk any longer, perhaps if we are successful
I shall talk more with you and tell you that happened. Now,
I am off."
"No, your not," I said with a smile. "In fact I would say you smell
quite nice. A hint of lime. I bet you are wearing Caswell-Massey
He stopped dead in his tracks but he did a quick resurrection
and stared at me. "I meant I was leaving and do not tell anyone
I am wearing cologne it would ruin my reputation."
He quickly strode out the door, though I do not think you can
slowly strode anywhere as it goes against the whole concept
of the word. Anyway, he was quite impressive even just in
his walk. I was about to go into the dining room when I heard
a voice call to me.
"Greetings! You must be new to Mylander's Inn." It was a
pleasant voice. A woman's if I were to judge and well I did.
I turned this was and that way but did not see anyone. I thought
for a moment it must be another dragon talking into my mind but
my brain did not feel like it was being tickled, so I knew that
could not be it. Perhaps a host. Though, nothing in the guide
book had mentioned the place was haunted, it might have missed
on that point.
Taking myself in hand I said, "greetings, to you as well."
"I am Niamh."
"Ah, the witch the Red Mage told me about last night but
I did not know you were a ghost?"
"I am not a ghost, I have a magic mirror in my home and use
it to communicate with others at Mylanders. Do you often
hold your own hand?"
"Only when I wish to get a hold of myself. To do it any other
way is most difficult." To be honest I felt a little silly talking
to the air. "Uh, how can you see me?"
"There is a mirror over to your right. I f you go to it, you can
see me as well."
I walked over to the mirror and instead of seeing myself, I
saw a very nice looking woman with red hair.
"You are not going with the other's I see."
"No, and apparently you are not as well."
"No, not in physical form but I shall watch them as best I can.
My magic and spells will provide me some ability to interact
with them. I can even broadcast the scenes where they are and
send them to Mylanders as long as I stay tuned to them."
"I am tone deaf and cannot stay on tune for the life of me. I
am impressed by your magic."
"Hmmm, it was nice to meet you but I must leave for awhile.
Enjoy your stay."
Then before I could blink she was gone and all I saw was my
own image and it gave me a wink. I smiled at myself and winked
back. Then I went into the dining room to get my coffee and break
my fast of the night.

TeiwazNuin copywrite 1996