Dragonslayers, (ch. 3 continued)

Posted by Kayin on August 16, 1996 at 09:24:46:

Tarmaca stood before her uncle, who sat pompously
at the center of a long dinner table. He stared at
her, chewing on a large piece of wild boar. The big
man swallowed the meat and then gulped down more ale.
"Lets have some more ale, now, mates!" he said
to his guests of honor, several rascallish looking people.
One was short and slightly over-weight. His head
was balding and long tangled blond hair fell over
his shoulders. His right eye was covered by an
eye patch. This man had on a faded, torn red coat with brass buttons.
The others wore green coats, faded, and stained.
They had raven hair and tanned skin. They looked
quite hostile and glared at anyone, even each other,
who said a word to them.
Aeban himself was the most horrid looking of them all.
His gaunt face was wretched and evil. His greyish hair and beard
were thinning. His skin was weathered and scarred.
The old baron was eating his wild boar with an old
dirk, wihich must have been in several foes' vitals
over the years, orc or human. The though of eating
with the same knife that had once been covered
in stenching orc blood sickened Tarmaca.
"What do you want?" asked Tarmaca irritably. She was growing
tired of watching these rouges eat. The girl took
another step towards her uncle's table, "why have you
called for me to be dressed in arms?" she demanded.
Her uncle's eyes narrowed, "My men captured an
ogre in the forest. His treasure horde was discovered
as well. you shall, be assured, have your hand
in it. But first, I request that you give these
honorable men a show. Fight the ogre. Beat him. Come on
lads, bring the brute out!"
Five of Aeban's servants entered the great hall,
pulling a large cage, that had been set on wheels,
behind them. Inside sat a prodigous beast with
a bloated humanoid form. The creature could only be an ogre.
Its distorted body was covered with long dirty black
hair. Curved talons protruded from the ends of its
long fingers. Two luminant red eyes glared at the
humans in hatred. A low ominous growled aimed at
its capturers was heard with shudders in the great hall
Servants murmered dubiously, "He is not going to
let that thing out in here, is he?" everyone
knew the answer.
"Come Tarmaca, dear!" said Aeban maliciously,
"Contest with this good ogre for a while, then
feel free to leave."
"Ha!" cried the man with the eye patch scornfully,
"If the brat lives!"
The other men laughed at this crude remark. Tarmaca
glared at her uncle in hatred, "Why?" she asked.
"Why?" replied Aeban, "Because I know that you
can cut this brute to pieces, or he you for that matter.
Anway one of you will win, the other shall die!"
Lets go!"