Twas the night before Mylander's, that marvy storyteller is back!!!

Posted by TeiwazNuin on December 03, 1996 at 18:42:28:

Yes, I am back and I have something wonderful for you. Yes,
it is more about MylanderÕs Inn but it is of a different bent. No,
it was never straight just listen. What? Oh, I have my ways of
keeping tabs of what is going on there. Now just settle back, this
is to help you get into the holiday mood. Which holiday? Well,
whatever one you would like, I suppose.
Twas the night before winter solstice, when all through the Inn,
Not a creature was stirring, well except a few playing gin.
Oh yes, when the gang there is not out having adventures they like
to play games and tell stories. Now where was I...oh yes here we go.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care
In the hopes they would be dry by the fire, there.
Well, they had just gotten back from a quest and their stockings
were wet and who likes running around in wet stockings. I certainly
do not find it very entertaining.
The patrons were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of sugar -plums danced in their heads.
Alright, not all were snuggled, there were the ones playing gin. A
sugar plum, well thatÕs easy it is a plum coated in sugar. No, IÕll be
honest it is not something I would want dancing in my head but finding
rhymes is not the easiest thing in the world. I admit most of them were
down in the bar having drinks but I just could not find a suitable way to
put that in.
Tela in her kerchief and Quaerere in his cap
Had just ordered their drinks from the ale on tap.
No a kerchief not a handkerchief. If it has a hand in it, it is to blow your
nose if not it is for your head. What do you mean you cannot imagine
Quaerere with a cap? Uh, come to think of it neither can I, but let it go
for now. Thank you.
When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
That everyone sprung form the bar to see what was the matter.
Away to the window they flew like a flash
Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.
Actually, Dylan did not have to charge then for tearing the shutters.
Niamh did a little bit of magic and they were as good as new. The uh,
sash well, it really was just Dyranth in the excitement he had swallowed
some of the cloth and well you know the rest. Tela did some mending on
them afterwards but no real damage was done.
The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
Gave lustre of midday to objects below
No, lets not go there. I know what you are going to ask and I cannot explain
about the breast or the moon on it. LetÕs just say magic was in the air and
as we all know anything can happen with magic.
When what to their wondering eyes should appear
But two men piling wood in an area that was clear.
With Beaquon, stamping around so lively and quick
That they knew in a moment it was no trick.
More rapid than eagles the menÕs coursers came
And they whistled and shouted and called everyone by name
ÒCome Teiwaz, Dyranth, Torquil, Niamh, Yllolea and Tela
Come Quaerere, Black Finn, Aleze, Kaylina, Athillian and Sorcha
Join us outside in celebration and song!
Let us make merry all night long!Ó
Who were the men? Oh, I guess I did not say. Why it was Dylan and
Nathan. You see, our intrepid adventures had, as I mentioned before,
had just recently gotten back from a quest and they were tired so the
two men decided it was time for some fun. You do not recall, Black Finn,
Ylloelea, Aleze, Athillian or Kaylina, being in my last story, well that is
because they werenÕt. They came to the Inn after I left. IÕll take a pause
in this story and while we have some tea I'll give a small bio of each.
How does that sound? Good! Now, what kind of tea would you like?