Twas continued....

Posted by TeiwazNuin on December 04, 1996 at 18:57:28:

Of course I did not mind the delay in telling my holiday story.
I always enjoy a cup of tea. There is nothing nicer then some
warm soothing tea. I like to keep a variety on hand. That way
everyone can have what they enjoy and my tastes vary from day
to day. Did you enjoy your cup? Good, and how about the scones?
Why thank you I made them myself. Now shall I continue? Let's
see where was I? Oh yes! I remember.
As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When they meet with excitement they rush quicker then a sigh
So out the bar the patrons they flew
With chairs crashing down and a table or two
And the in a twinkling they ran out the Inn door
Prancing and scurrying across the wooden floor
Hmmm, well nothing was broken from the excitement and since
Dylan and Nathan had summoned them outside, they were not upset
by the what happened to the furniture. No, no, in a twinkling, not
a tinkling, they ran out. You know, like the spark of a match it
happened very quickly.
As they skidded across the path on the icy ground
Teiwaz and Dyranth did a header into a snow mound
Each was now dressed in snow from their heads to their feet
And the others broke into laughter as if given a treat
A bundle of snow was launched towards their backs
And an ensuing snow fight erupted in the pack.
You see, Dyranth had transformed into a dragon and kicked snow
at the others and just drenched them all. Oh, I think snow can bring
out the best in people and adults can become kids. There is just
something very enchanting about that cold white stuff.
Ylloelea, Sorcha, and Niamh each carried a mischievous grin
Snow balls in hand they went after Athillian and Black Finn
They threw the balls like arrows from a bow
Covering each man in a blanket white with snow.
Aleze, Torquil and Kaylina quickly made their escapes
With only a bit of cold dusting on their capes.
What of Tela and Quaerere, well they had already been mentioned
and I did promise to provide equal time to all. Oh, they were in the
snow fight. Quaerere was worried about what the snow would do to
his chain mesh but Niamh took care of it with a bit of magic. He did
not have to worry about rust. You see, with this type of story, one
does have limitations in what one can do. I'll try to fill in some of
the parts. Now the reason Torquil, Kaylina and Aleze snuck away
was to tune their instruments. Let's face it, a party without music
just doesn't move as well and besides they did not want to be covered
in snow like the others. It was cold out there and the bonfire was
looking pretty good to them. Besides Nathan and Dylan had provided
marshmallows for toasting, corn for popping and there is nothing like
chestnuts roasting over an open fire, but that is another holiday story
in itself. Niamh, Sorcha and Ylloelea had it pretty good over Athillian
and Black Finn for awhile, that is until Athillian changed shape and
dredged then in snow. They were having quite a wonderful time but I
just could not fit all that into the guidelines I had set for this story.
Hmmm? Oh, down the hall. Don't I know how tea goes through the
system. No, no problem. I'll finish it when you get back.