Twas the last call

Posted by TeiwazNuin on December 05, 1996 at 17:13:56:

Fifty-five bottles of beer on the wall, fifty-five bottles
of beer, if one of those bottles of beer should happen to fall,
oh your back. No, that is not a part of the story just something
to do while I waited. Oh, it is a mathematical song, that can get
quite difficult under certain circumstances. Okay now we had
left the group in a middle of a snow fight.
At the sound of sweet music they called a truce
All feeling happy like an old silly goose.
They made their way towards the bonfire's glow
Giggling as they helped each other brush of the snow
Just so you know, that at this time Dyranth and Athillian had
returned to their elf forms. Niamh provided a drying spell so no one
would catch a cold.
Nathan smiled as he pulled fire sticks from his pockets
Then proceed to light the fuses to quite a few rockets.
The rockets sprang up, sailing and climbing so high
Bursting forth glorious colors that filled the night sky.
Hmmm, well, fire sticks sound a little more, oh I guess mystical
then say matches do. You should have heard the cheers from everyone.
It put a stop to Teiwaz's dancing as she beheld the fireworks. Ylloelea,
Sorcha and Black Finn applauded though I am sure it was for the light
show and not the fact that Quaerere had stopped singing. He cannot
carry a tune to save his life but he's a swordsman not a singer. Torquil,
Aleze and Kaylina kept playing as they watched the colors. In fact their
music seemed to fit right into the mood. Bards, they are so talented.
Off in the distance two more figures did appear
It was Lancynth and Teryn rolling kegs of ale and beer
A rousing good cheer echoed forth from everyone
To see that Teryn and surprisingly Lancynth had join in the fun
Everyone yelled with enthusiasm and great delight
"Happy solstice to all and to all good night!"
There that is the end of my holiday story. Why would everyone be
surprised that Lancynth joined them. Well, he is kind of a brooding
fellow. He had a rough life. Oh, it would take a while to go into all
of that. Teryn well, he kind of has a thing for Kaylina. You, see they
were betrothed and then, well, that could take a while to tell. The people
at Mylander's Inn are not just characters they have complex lives like you
and I do. Perhaps later I'll tell you another story but right now, I could do
with some more tea and perhaps a bit of chocolate. Oh, I have all kinds.
Just like my tea, I like to keep a variety around. Yes, please, a fire would
be nice. It has become a little chilly and a fire would be warming.