Pilgrimage to Mylander's Inn....Something different

Posted by TeiwazNuin on August 28, 1996 at 13:23:48:

It was a dark and stormy night. Well actually it wasn't
that dark, more like twilight but that's close to dark and
oh, alright it wasn't that stormy but I did feel a few drops
of rain on my face. Yet, you have to admit the opening caught
your eye, it did mine when i read it in a book a few years ago.
Anyway, i was making my pilgrimage to Mylander's Inn. Hey, you
can pilgrimage anywhere you want to as far as my book goes. See,
it's called, "It Don't Matter where As Long As You Get There" by
someone called Trek Topoint. It's a big hard back book, though
I must admit it would be a lot lighter in apaper bound edition.
Now where was I? Oh, yes, my pilgrimage to Mylander's
Inn. I heard from a spider, not that I really like them too
much, kind of icky with all those legs but this one wasn't
to bad and I did like it's net. Mac, now that's the spider's
name, told me that it's web shared some infomartion with her.
Yeah, I know most web's just like to talk about the intricacies
of its patterns but I guess this one was more complex. Mac told
me it's web was world wide. That's pretty impressive if you ask
me. So, it told Mac about some chatter on it's line and of course
Mac sort of weaved her way to all the chatter and saw Mylander's
Inn. She was sure it was a place that I would like so I decided
right then and there to head out. Oh, all right I did pack up
some belongings and told a few family members where I was off to,
so they wouldn't worry but it all happened pretty quickly.
Of course, my mother always said be perpared so I stopped
at the nearest bookstore and bought a travel guide book on
Inns. Use them all the time. This book was much lighter
then my pilgrimage book it was in paperback. They may be out
of date a bit but usually the writers have done a good job
investigating places. According to the book, Mylander's
Inn is preponderous. Say, that's a ten cent word if I ever
heard one. Yeah, I know back to what the guide said. It
seems the place was built by a Dylan Mylander, a retired
Traveler, I am not sure how a traveler retires but he did.
He is the propieter of the place but a friend of his, Nathan
is there to assist as needed. It's located about two miles
off some busy cross roads. It's in the woods but according
to the map provided by the book it isn't to far off the beaten
path. Now, why any one would beat a path I do not know, but
what ever gets people through, I guess. That could be why
the roads are so cross, I know I would be if I was busy and
beaten at the same time. The book says it's a waystation for
travelers to rest their weary bones. I think I would rather
rest my weary muscles they tend to complain more then my bones.
Also the book said there were a lot of interesting items at the
Inn and the food was scored pretty high and that is important
to me. If the food isn't good then what's the sense of offering
it I always say. Oh all right I don't always say that but it
sounded good.
Enough of the guide book and back to my pilgrimage.
Have you ever thought about why grim was placed in the word?
Yeah, I hadn't either until I took off on one,now I am pretty
sure why they included it on the word. Sometimes they can get
pretty grim if your not to careful or if you are not lucky.
Me, I kind of have both words in my name, no, not really,
must you take everything literally. Oh, it's in your nature,
well then, go ahead and take it I don't care, I really don't
have much use for literals or littering for that matter.
What, oh yes back to the pilgrimage. Well like any good one,
the bad ones are not so friendly, I met a swordsman. He was
young and handsome and carried a broadsword with him. The sword,
oh, she was nice enough but did have a rather sharp tongue.
His name, hmmm, that's a good question, I do not think I ever
learned. Kayin Loch, no that wasn't it but he might have
known that guy. Those swordsman do seem to know each other
pretty well. Probably from all that jousting, questing and
saving of fair damsels from their distresses. What's a distress?
Well, from my understanding it's a tress, which is a lock of
woman's hair, gone bad. That really upset's the damsels, so
the swordsman or knights go to it and fix the bad hairdo thus
saving the damsels from their distress.

©1996 TeiwazNuin