Pilgrimage to Mylander's Inn, take 3.

Posted by TeiwazNuin on September 03, 1996 at 15:58:40:

Finally, I reached the crossroads and boy were
they ever. Talk about your mudslinging. Boy, I couldn't
keep up with all the dirt they unleashed on everyone.
Yet, I could not blame the roads, if I was treaded upon
like they were I'm sure I'd get rather downtrodden.
Anyway, I felt this was a good time to check the guide
book and allow the dust to settle. Pulling up a rock to
set down upon I grabbed the book, well actually, no I
didn't move the rock it was kind of too big for me to
do that. Oh alright, I went over to the rock and sat
down, but my version sounded a lot better.
I knew that Mylander's inn was two miles from
the crossroads but I couldn't remember in which direction.
usually, most guide books only provide written direction
but as I said before this one had a map. There was a trail
on the map that showed Mylander's inn was just northwest
of the roads. Looking in that direction, I saw the forest
before the trees. How I missed those trees I am not sure
because they were giant redwoods. and they were a bright
red. Knowing where I needed to go I steeled my nerve,
well just the one needed a little toughing to do what needed
to be done. I had made the decision to double-cross the
crossroads. not that I really wanted to deceive the roads
but it was the only way I could figure to get to the path
that lead to my final destination. that path knew the way
it had been there since the Inn was built. I zig when I
should have zagged but it so muddled the crossroads that
it didn't muck me over. Apparently others had just taken
the direct route had not thought of double-crossing the roads.
The one thing the guidebook did not do well in was to
give a description of how lovely the area was surrounding the
trail. Not only were there redwoods but there was also English
and Scottish ivy, I just love their accents, hugging the trees.
Seems it was a very friendly forest. There were some wild flowers
I could see some them dashing around trying not to be seen while
a couple just stood there watching to see what I would do. The
colors were brilliant, I could here some of them discussing
philosophy while others were discussing refraction's. Oh,
there were blues, purples, reds, yellows and even some orange
flowers. Quite a feast for the eyes and when my eyes were full
I started up again.
Further on I could hear a stream running nearby.
It seemed to stumble every now and then, for I could hear
some crashing of water on rocks. Apparently it was about
as good as I was when it came to running around on rocks,
that is why I walk at a leisurely pace. I just do not like
the idea of having my face land and kiss rocks. The fact
is, rocks are not the best for kissing, they tend to be hard
and just don't put any softness into the event. Truly it
was a peaceful walk even with all the noise, because the
noise in it's self was rather peaceful. The sounds of birds,
wind, water and other forest sounds are much different then
the sounds of a town or village. Somehow hearing a person
shout is not the same as having a bird shout, there is a
different quality. Well, I'm sorry that is the best way I
can describe it, if you want better, you describe it. You've
never been in a forest? Well, then go and be in one. Then
you'll discover that mere words cannot always describe that
which is experienced. No, I'll wait to continue my story
when you get back. No, no hurry enjoy yourself.

©1996 TeiwazNuin