From Silverstream...

Posted by Dyranth Silverstream on September 04, 1996 at 15:03:03:

Centuries ago, in the fading mists of time, a white dragon
of the royal Dragon-King's line visted a secluded elven dukedom
called Whitewood (named for the silvery bark of their forest's
trees). Her name was kept secret by all, but she accepted the
name "Silverstream" after her birthplace. In her true form,
she wandered the wonderous forest with its residents, blending
in with the locals because her kind were truly both elven and
human in blood, taking the fameous lizard-like dragon-shape
through their innate magic, a magic unavailable to any except
those whose blood was perfectly balanced (half-and-half).
Then, one day, the duke, Sicanth Snowdawn was kidnapped. She
chose to accompany the duke's beloved, Kithera Goldenstar, and
a chosen rescue squad of various races to set him free. In the
final battle with the renegade dragon who had kidnapped Sicanth,
Kithera was slain, leaving Sicanth nothing more than a broken heart
and a son barely a year old.
Silverstream the Dragon eventually fell in love with Sicanth and
helped him raise his son Raythan for fifty years. Then, she had
Dyranth--the first half-elf and half-dragon ever born.
Sicanth's people felt uneasy about her and taunted Dyranth for
being a half-blood, as well as his all-white-silver coloring,
until, unable to stand it any longer, the friendless child retaliated
magically--blasting a hole in the wall of the duke's castle.
The Dragon-King ordered the half-blood youth's magic to be constrained
with spells, and called his granddaughter home.

**Dyranth later grows up, returns to visit his father and help
the elves of Whitewood evade genocide, though Sicanth dies in the war.
Also, even later, his mother dies while saving his life and that of a
human girl he fell in love with, rescuing them from an evil sorceress.**

This is only a short paraphrase of a LONG tale.